False Claims Act/Whistleblower Litigation

Fellows LaBriola’s False Claims Act (FCA”) Practice includes former prosecutors and fifteen years of experience litigating FCA matters involving millions of dollars of exposure to FCA related fines, penalties and alleged damages.

The “qui tam” provision of the FCA encourages private citizens to file “whistleblower” lawsuits against parties alleged to have defrauded the government.  With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) the number of FCA cases has markedly increased.  Often such claims must be handled while the government pursues parallel criminal proceedings.  Fellows LaBriola has extensive experience representing clients under such circumstances and understands the delicate balance that must be maintained.

The firm has represented both whistleblowers and corporate defendants in FCA litigation in federal courts nationwide.  Having litigated on both sides of the aisle provides us with a perspective that is unusual in FCA litigation and helps us better inform and represent our clients.

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