Contracts make the business world go round. This is why it’s important to have well-drafted contracts when negotiating business matters with another party. Parties need clear access to their legal rights and remedies in litigation.

In many business matters, breach of contract litigation is almost inevitable. The same is true of litigation involving extra-contractual claims for fraud. Companies are forced to sue other companies to enforce promises that haven’t been upheld. Success comes down to how well the adverse party defends itself.

Outside Litigation Counsel for Breach of Contract and Fraud Claims in Georgia

Breach of contract disputes and fraud claims are very complex and involve a vast array of issues. Narrowing down the issues requires litigation and business experience. At Fellows LaBriola, we have the legal insight and business acumen our clients need.

Our firm represents companies in all types of breach of contract and fraud litigation in Georgia from state to federal level. As a result of our experience working closely with many different kinds of companies, we litigate every case as if it is headed to trial. Our approach has proven to be extremely effective over the years. We maximize cost-effectiveness and overall value for our clients.

Here is a small sampling of the types of matters we handle for our clients:

Payment disputes

Performance disputes

Service level agreement (SLA) violations

Warranty claims

Indemnification claims

Commercial and consumer fraud claims

While we are proud of our trial record, what matters most is that our clients get the results they need. We bring the same client-first mindset to every matter we handle. To do this, we work closely with our clients’ executives and key stakeholders throughout the litigation process. Then we build a laser-focused strategy to secure the best possible result in light of the circumstances presented.

Decades of Experience Devoted to Resolving Modern Contract Disputes

The business world is rapidly changing, and, along with it, contract disputes are changing as well. Disputes nvolve novel issues like innovative contract terms and implications of blockchain technology.

At Fellows LaBriola, our litigation attorneys have decades of experience with new, complex issues. Our practice has evolved to keep pace with the changes. Clients on the leading edge of their industries rely on our attorneys’ experience to help chart their paths forward. As a boutique law firm, we also offer efficiencies that larger firms can’t match. We communicate with many of our clients daily to discuss pending disputes and help them avoid future disputes.