Serious medical malpractice and premises liability claims present unique challenges. Proving liability requires a comprehensive investigation and the involvement of experts who can clearly document what happened and why. Using this information to secure compensation requires extensive legal experience. It also requires the resources to fund years’ worth of complex litigation and a clear understanding of the long-term costs of the healthcare provider’s or property owner’s negligence.

At Fellows LaBriola, we represent individuals and families in medical malpractice and premises liability cases involving serious and fatal injuries and complications. Relying on our firm’s substantial resources and decades of relevant experience, our attorneys work to obtain significant settlements and verdicts for our clients. We work with doctors, architects, engineers, financial planners and other experts throughout Georgia, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the financial and non-financial costs they will incur.

How Our Medical Malpractice and Premises Liability Lawyers Can Help

Our medical malpractice and premises liability practice is devoted to pursuing financial compensation on behalf of individuals and families who have suffered catastrophic losses. This includes pursuing claims on behalf of victims, parents whose children have suffered significant harm, and grieving family members who have lost loved ones too soon.

Medical Malpractice

We handle medical malpractice claims against hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, testing labs and other healthcare entities across Georgia. In most cases, our clients have suffered life-altering injuries or complications due to their healthcare providers’ neglect, or they have a child, parent or other family member who has fallen victim to a doctor’s preventable mistake. Some examples of the types of cases we handle include:

  • Anesthesiologist malpractice
  • Diagnostic failures
  • Failure to monitor
  • Failure to treat
  • Medication errors
  • OB/GYN malpractice
  • Surgical errors

Premises Liability

In premises liability cases, we focus on holding property owners and commercial tenants responsible for failing to prevent catastrophic and fatal injuries. This includes (but is not limited to) pursuing claims against medical facilities, apartment and condominium complexes, retail establishments, sports and entertainment venues, and academic institutions relating to:

  • Building collapses
  • Elevator and escalator malfunctions
  • Fires and explosions
  • Inadequate security
  • Mass shootings and other violence
  • Negligent construction
  • Use of dangerous or substandard building materials

Regardless of the circumstances involved, our goal in every case is to maximize our client’s financial recovery by all means available. While our medical malpractice and premises liability cases often end in settlement, we are a litigation law firm, and we prepare for the possibility of trial in every case we handle. We are fully committed to our clients’ recoveries, and our lawyers are passionate and relentless advocates for those who have suffered life-altering consequences or lost loved ones due to malpractice or neglect.

We Accept Referrals from Attorneys Nationwide

If you have a client who is in need of a medical malpractice or premises liability attorney in Georgia, we encourage you to contact Founding Partner Steve LaBriola for more information. We are selective in the cases we handle to ensure that all of our clients receive the full benefit of our firm’s team and resources.