Trusted Counsel for Fiduciary Duty Litigation and Partnership Disputes in Georgia

As a business owner, you need to protect your business, but you need to protect yourself as well. While businesses’ and their owners’ interests will often align, this is not always the case—particularly when owners face allegations of breaching their fiduciary duties or committing negligence or fraud.

We regularly represent partners, corporate shareholders and LLC members in all types of disputes and litigation. In many cases, it will be in our clients’ best interests to work out an amicable solution that protects their business and keeps their partnership intact. However, in some situations, going to court will be the only viable solution. When this is the case, we leverage the discovery and pre-trial processes to our clients’ advantage, and we rely on our litigation attorneys’ decades of trial experience to secure favorable results in court.

Matters We Handle

At Fellows LaBriola, we handle all types of fiduciary duty litigation and partnership disputes in state and federal court. We represent individual business owners and businesses in matters including:

We Target Specific Outcomes that Protect Our Clients’ Best Interests

No two business disputes are alike, and no two business owners’ goals are exactly the same. This necessarily impacts the dispute resolution and litigation processes. When we represent clients in fiduciary duty litigation and partnership disputes, not only do we work quickly to protect our clients interests and minimize their costs to the extent possible, but we also work with our clients one-on-one to ensure that we are targeting specific outcomes with their specific goals in mind. 


Fiduciary Duty Litigation

All business owners owe fiduciary duties to the companies they serve. In many cases, breaches of company owners’ fiduciary duties can have irreparable consequences if not addressed immediately; and, as a result, it is critical that companies and co-owners that are dealing with breach situations engage litigation counsel promptly.

Likewise, partners and other business owners who are accused of breaching their fiduciary duties must rely on experienced counsel to determine their next steps. What makes sense will depend heavily on the circumstances involved, and seeking advice from lawyers who have relevant courtroom experience is imperative for making informed decisions.

Fiduciary duty litigation is rarely straightforward. The parties will often have multiple claims and counterclaims, and they will need to work toward resolving their dispute while still managing their company to the best of their abilities. We understand these practicalities, and we work with our clients to ensure that they are doing everything necessary to protect their business interests and themselves.

Partnership Disputes

We represent partnerships and individual partners in disputes arising at all stages of the business lifecycle. From formation through sale or liquidation, partners can run into issues any step of the way. Our firm has significant experience representing clients in partnership disputes involving:  

  • Fiduciary Duty Breaches
  • Ownership and Control Disputes
  • Disputes Regarding Partnership Agreement Interpretation
  • Disputes Regarding Capital Contributions and Distributions
  • Embezzlement or Misappropriation of Partnership Assets
  • Partner Negligence
  • Efforts to Remove Partners
  • Abandoning the Partnership