Decades of Experience and Proven Results Representing Corporate Directors and Officers in Civil and Governmental Litigation

In today’s challenging economic environment, lawsuits against corporate directors and officers are on the rise. In many cases, these lawsuits are prompted by drops in companies’ share value, failed mergers and acquisitions, and allegations that directors and officers have misled shareholders—whether publicly or privately. With nowhere else to turn, aggrieved shareholders resort to litigation in hopes of securing a financial recovery.

Lawsuits targeting corporate directors and officers can entail a broad swath of other allegations as well, and shareholder allegations are increasingly leading to FTC, SEC, DOJ and other governmental investigations. Regardless of the allegations and parties involved, securing a positive result requires the same aggressive, strategic and forward-thinking approach.

Matters We Handle

Our firm represents directors and officers in all types of litigation at the state and federal levels. This includes (but is not limited to) matters involving:

Let Us Help You Chart Your Path Forward

As a corporate director or officer, facing litigation presents not only financial risk, but reputational risk as well. When facing litigation, it is critical to consider all possible scenarios and outcomes. With decades of relevant experience, our litigation attorneys can help chart your path forward, and we can help you make informed and strategic decisions focused on addressing your short-term needs while also preserving your long-term opportunities.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims

Corporate officers and directors owe various fiduciary duties to their companies and shareholders. Allegations of negligence, conflicts of interest, usurping corporate business opportunities and other fiduciary duty breaches can potentially expose officers and directors to significant liability.

Fraud and Misrepresentation Claims

Fraud and misrepresentation claims can involve allegations pertaining to statements made in various capacities. These can also be contract-based claims involving employment agreements, shareholder agreements and other contracts.

Embezzlement and Misappropriation Claims

Directors and officers can face embezzlement and misappropriation claims under a surprisingly broad range of circumstances. We litigate on behalf of officers and directors accused of using corporate funds for personal purposes, misappropriating intellectual property for competitive purposes, and all other forms of embezzlement and misappropriation.

Derivative Litigation

Directors and officers can face substantial liability in connection with shareholder derivative litigation. We have significant experience handling shareholder derivative lawsuits on behalf of both corporate leaders and the companies they serve.

Government Investigations

Our litigation attorneys also represent directors and officers in litigation arising out of government investigations. This includes investigations targeting allegations of unfair and deceptive practices, securities law violations, and other statutory violations at the state and federal levels.

D&O Insurance Claim Disputes

We have substantial experience in all types of insurance coverage litigation, including litigation arising out of D&O insurance claims. If your insurance company has denied coverage, or if you are concerned that your insurance company might be trying to deny coverage, we can take over your claim and take your insurance company to trial if necessary.