We Represent Minority Shareholders, Majority Shareholders and Corporations in All Types of Shareholder and Securities Litigation

Our firm brings decades of experience to representing shareholders and corporations in all types of shareholder and securities litigation. We handle cases at the state and federal levels, including direct action cases, shareholder derivative litigation, and securities litigation involving private plaintiffs and government entities.

In all shareholder and securities litigation matters, we work closely with our clients to identify the relevant issues, evaluate potential claims and defenses on both sides, and then develop a strategic approach to resolving the matter at hand. In some cases this will mean negotiating a resolution that minimizes any disruptions to the company’s operations, while in others it will mean targeting a favorable result at trial.

Matters We Handle

Within our shareholder and securities litigation practice, we represent companies, individual shareholders and classes of shareholders in matters including:

Strategic Litigation Solutions to Complex Corporate Issues

When used strategically, litigation can drive value for companies, and it can provide a source of financial recovery for shareholders who would otherwise be left facing the consequences of negligence, fraud or corporate misconduct. If you or your company is dealing with any type of dispute, investigation or enforcement action, we can help, and we can get to work immediately if necessary. 

Direct Action Cases

Many shareholder disputes involve direct actions against companies and their shareholders, directors and officers. These direct actions may be filed by a single shareholder, a group of similarly aligned shareholders or representatives of a larger class. We handle all types of direct action cases from both sides, including those involving issues such as:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Conflicts of Interest, Self-Dealing, and Tortious Interference
  • Corporate Waste
  • Dissolution Disputes
  • Director and Officer Liability Claims
  • Embezzlement and Fraud
  • Enforcement of Shareholders’ Inspection Rights
  • Freeze Outs and Force Outs
  • Minority Shareholder Oppression

Shareholder Derivative Cases

In shareholder derivative litigation, one or more shareholders file a lawsuit on behalf of the company. This lawsuit is typically filed against one or more directors or officers who have failed (and often are continuing to fail) to act in the company’s best interests. These lawsuits are subject to unique procedural requirements, and failure to meet these requirements can give rise to defenses that can delay and increase the costs of the litigation. With our experience in shareholder derivative cases, we are able to help shareholders avoid these miscues, and we are also able to use them to directors’ and officers’ advantage.

Securities Litigation

Our securities litigation practice encompasses both private civil litigation and litigation involving governmental entities. Similar to shareholder lawsuits, securities litigation can involve a diverse array of issues, and allegations can take various different forms. Our securities litigation attorneys rely on their experience to protect companies and individuals in matters involving:

  • Accounting Irregularities and Fraud
  • Broker-Dealer Fraud
  • Corporate Misconduct
  • Hostile Takeover Litigation
  • Frontrunning, Insider Trading and Other Trading Violations
  • M&A Disputes
  • Public Disclosure Violations
  • SEC Investigations and Enforcement Actions
  • Securities Class Actions
  • Whistleblower Complaints