Apr 20 2020

Successful Defense of New York Law Firm in Purported Legal Malpractice Action

In Tarsus Connect, LLC v. Cvent, Inc., Civil Action File No. 1:17-cv-05165-SDG, Mr. Fellows and his co-counsel successfully defeated a purported federal trademark action brought by Tarsus Connect, LLC, against Cvent, Inc., a registration software service provider.  Tarsus Connect challenged Cvent’s use of its registered trademark, “Cvent Connect.”  By Order entered on April 2, 2020, U.S. District Judge Steven D. Grimberg granted Cvent’s Motion for Summary Judgment as to all of Tarsus Connect’s claims and denied Tarsus Connect’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment.  The Court rejected Tarsus Connect’s claims that there was likelihood of confusion between “Connect Marketplace” and “Cvent Connect,” and it also rejected Tarsus Connect’s claim that it had protectable trademark rights in the word “Connect.”  The Order entered final Judgment in favor of Cvent, Inc. on April 2, 2020.